Driving Sales Productivity: Applying Neuroscience Secrets

By Kim Macasaet

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  • Develop an in-depth understanding of modern sales techniques and buyer psychology.

  • Learn effective communication strategies to build rapport and trust with clients.

  • Master the art of listening to uncover and address the specific needs of each buyer. 

  • Gain practical skills in prospecting, lead generation, and closing deals to enhance sales performance.

  • Equip sales teams with advanced selling skills, improving overall sales performance and revenue.

  • Foster a customer-centric sales approach, leading to stronger client relationships and loyalty.

  • Implement effective sales strategies tailored to diverse buyer personas, maximizing market reach and impact.

  • Enhance team cohesion and efficiency through shared methodologies and communication techniques.

  • Six Activators that wake up the buyer's brain

  • Identifying Customer Profiles and Buyer Personas

  • Mastering Sales Tactics for Different Buyer Personas

  • Cognitive Biases in the Sales Process

  • Perfect Listening and Questioning Techniques

  • Overcoming Communication Barriers and Building Rapport

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation Strategies

  • B.I.M.B.S: The 5 Step Consultative Selling Approach

  • Effective Demonstrations and Presentations: Showing Your Product/Service 

  • Sales professionals seeking to enhance their selling skills in a dynamic market.

  • Sales managers and team leaders aiming to develop and implement effective sales strategies within their teams.

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to improve sales outcomes and customer engagement.

  • Marketing professionals interested in understanding the sale process to align marketing and sales efforts more closely.

  • Kim Macasaet, as the COO and Head Field Coach at Field Partners Inc., part of the Mansmith Training Group, he specializes in mentoring and training a diverse team of field coaches, while developing and delivering comprehensive sales training programs and executive coaching for various industries including Healthcare, Construction, FMCG, and Manufacturing.

  • Beyond his corporate commitments, Kim is a successful entrepreneur, having founded a construction company, a pet hotel, and a chain of chicken-pork rotisserie retail stores, demonstrating his versatile business acumen.

Date & Time
May 29, 2024
9:00 AM 5:00 PM Asia/Manila

Live via Zoom

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--Live via Zoom--
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